Körber Supply Chain Software


Jamieson is delighted to announce that it has advised Chad Collins (CEO) and the entire management team of Körber Supply Chain Software (KSC-S) on the sale of a significant minority stake in the business from Körber AG to KKR.

KSC-S is a market leading supply chain execution platform offering solutions for warehouse management through dedicated software, voice, and robotic systems. The company serves more than 4,500 customers in various end markets and employs beyond 1,300 people in 30 offices across the globe.

The company operates in a large and growing market which is fueled by structural trends such as growing ecommerce, micro-fulfillment, automation, and an ever-increasing complexity and need for digitization of supply chains. The strategic partnership between Körber and KKR is expected to enable KSC-S to strengthen and expand its position as a top global leader in supply chain software.

Felix Rose, Daniel Meschaninov and Philip Stahl advised the management team on their reinvestment into the new structure as well as the economic & legal terms of the management incentive plan going forward.