Four Seasons Healthcare


Four Seasons Healthcare has been acquired by Terra Firma as part of a restructuring of its bank debt facilities.  Four Seasons cares for more than 20,000 people and has over 30,000 staff. The group operates 445 care homes, with 22,364 beds, and 61 specialist care centres, with 1,601 beds.   It is being sold by a group of banks headed by RBS and a number of hedge funds which rescued the business four years ago.  RBS will be an equity investor alongside Terra Firma. The deal is expected to complete before 16 July 2012. Jamieson Corporate Finance advised the management team on the terms of their management incentive plan for the group going forward. JCF previously advised the management team on their incentive arrangements at the time of the restructuring of the Group in 2010.

The Jamieson Corporate Finance engagement team was Stuart Coventry, Tom Burton and Craig Mathews.