MSS Group


Jamieson is delighted to announce that it has advised the management teams of Bryden Capital and MPL Group (together the MSS Group) on the sale of the businesses to Stellex Capital Management.

Based in Manchester, MSS is a provider of design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution services to the global power industry. The business is focused on the Electric Transmission and Distribution, Power Storage, and High Current DC Power Systems sectors, and its product portfolio includes electrical connectors, battery cell components, electromechanical assemblies, and bespoke designed DC busbar systems. It has manufacturing operations in India and Poland, with distribution facilities in the USA and across Europe, and has close to 800 employees worldwide.

Commenting on the announcement, Chris Hall, said, “The whole management team appreciates the committed work and invaluable advice that Tom, Richard, and the rest of the Jamieson team provided. Their input greatly reduced the burden on management throughout a demanding transaction and ensured management’s best interests were protected and a great outcome was achieved”.

Liam Hall added, “The invaluable support given by Tom, Richard and the Jamieson team provided substantial comfort to both shareholders and the management team during our recent transaction. To have such an experienced and knowledgeable team behind us at every step of the way allowed us to focus on the day to day running of our business without unnecessary distraction. We owe a debt of gratitude and would highly recommend the Jamieson approach to prospective clients.”

Tom Burton and Richard Brumpton advised the management teams of Bryden Capital and MPL Group on the transaction.