Incisive Media Group


Jamieson has acted as financial advisor to Incisive Media Group Management on the new equity arrangements as part of the restructuring of the Group.

Following extensive negotiations the Group reached agreement with its principal lenders to address the financing issues arising from the debt finance raised for the acquisition of Incisive Media by Apax Partners in December 2006 and the subsequent acquisition of the ALM business in August 2007.

These deals have been restructured as separate standalone transactions with the principal lenders becoming the majority shareholders of Incisive Media and the separation of ALM under the continued ownership of Apax Partners.

Jamieson was brought into the process at an early stage and separately advised the UK and US management teams on their respective deals.  Within a difficult process, Jamieson presented options for equity incentivisation, negotiating with the lenders steering committee and Apax partners on the separate Incisive Media and ALM arrangements.

“At Jamieson we pride ourselves on building close working relationships with our management teams.   We have worked with the Incisive team since the original buyout and believe that the new equity arrangements as part of the overall strengthening of the balance sheet re-incentivises the team to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead”

Stuart Coventry, Jamieson

“I am delighted to have reached an agreement with our lenders.  We appointed JCF given their knowledge and experience of Management Incentivisation Plans and found their hands on approach vital in being able to reach a successful conclusion”.

Tim Weller, Group CEO