Crestfield Risk


Jamieson is pleased to announce that it has advised Jeff Turner, Founder & CEO, of Crestfield Risk on its partnership with The Vistria Group, LP, and the future management incentive program.

Crestfield Risk is a platform that will unite and support leading independent insurance agencies across the U.S. The platform will equip agencies with world-class resources, insights, and unprecedented growth opportunities to best serve their clients and prosper for generations to come.

With a co-ownership model that aligns agency partners through equity ownership at both the agency and holding company level, Crestfield Risk collaborates closely with agency leaders so that they can preserve their businesses’ unique strengths. At the same time, Crestfield Risk ensures that agencies get the resources they need to deliver unmatched service and meaningful impact on a larger scale than ever before.

“In partnership with The Vistria Group, we are launching Crestfield Risk to help independent insurance agencies fuel their continued success and amplify their impact by fostering a collegial environment rooted in principled service and shared aspirations.” said Jeff Turner, Founder and CEO of Crestfield Risk. “Together, we are uniquely positioned to amplify the good these agencies do while fueling their growth and long-term success.”

“Jamieson was a valuable resource during the company formation process and continues to be a supportive partner to Crestfield Risk. The team provided key insights into the market and advised on structuring terms that will ensure management and our partner should be aligned throughout the life of our partnership. Jamieson was a key contributor to the overall process and their services gave me confidence that our structure has set us up for future success.”

John GreenlandEvan AlperIan Rosamilia, and Barath Mahesh advised Jeff Turner (Founder and CEO) on the structure and terms of the new MIP.

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