Bio Products Laboratory


BPL, a leading plasma biotherapeutics company, was acquired by Creat Group in 2013. BPL’s existing management team is staying with the company, which will remain headquartered in the UK.  The Jamieson team led by Stuart Coventry, Jonny Jones and Ross Wheeler, worked with John Perkins, CEO of BPL, and his management team to devise a new management incentive structure under the Creat Group.

BPL, headquartered in the UK, provides lifesaving therapeutics for conditions related to immune deficiencies, bleeding disorders, and critical care. BPL’s plasma division, the largest supplier of US plasma to third parties, provides specialty and source plasma to manufacturers that also produce lifesaving therapies.

Creat, headquartered in Beijing, is a leading Chinese investment group engaged in equity investment in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, energy, finance, natural resources and real estate companies. Creat is a long-term strategic investor with a track record of growing businesses and plans to invest in excess of £100m in BPL to expand production capacity of lifesaving therapies, develop new products and access new markets.

“2016 has been a very active year for the provision of management advice with Chinese buyers.   This deal represents our third different Chinese strategic deal in 12 months.   In fact, circa 70% of our management deals this year have had non-UK buyout houses in the sale process and 60% of deals completed, our highest percentage of international buyers yet”

“Liquidity mechanics, governance and enforceability of management put rights are as important terms to agree as the reinvestment amount and equity participation, if not more important.  We expect to see a lot more of these deals in the coming years”

Stuart Coventry, Jamieson CEO