Aurora Energy Research


Jamieson is pleased to announce that it has advised CEO, John Feddersen, and the management team of Aurora Energy Research (Aurora), a leading provider of critical data and analytics to the power and energy industry, on the sale of the business to CGE Capital.

“Tom and Laura gave us invaluable advice and steered us towards a positive outcome for all parties. We drew heavily on Jamieson’s expertise and good counsel to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.”

John Feddersen, CEO

Aurora is headquartered in Oxford, with additional offices in Berlin and Sydney, and has 148 employees. It is one of the few respected energy pricing analytics providers that delivers sufficiently rigorous and accurate forecasts to be bankable across a number of regions.

CGE will focus on helping Aurora grow to become the global leading provider of specialist data analytics on energy pricing. The team will help continue Aurora’s impressive growth to date by supporting its international expansion and new product development initiatives.

Tom Burton and Laura Yell advised the management team on their reinvestment in the new structure and the terms of the new management equity incentive.