Atos Medical


Jamieson is pleased to announce its role in advising the management team, led by Tommy Hedberg and Tommy Niklasson, in conjunction with EQT’s successful acquisition of the high growth health care company Atos Medical (“Atos”) from Nordic Capital.

Atos supplies products to the ear, nose and throat (“ENT”) medical segment. The main product category is rehabilitation tools for patients who have undergone a total laryngectomy, which is the surgical removal of the larynx (voicebox). The products are sold by Atos’ own sales forces in Sweden, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, France and the US. In addition, Atos Medical’s products are sold in approximately 60 countries through exclusive third party distributors. Atos recorded sales of €64m in 2010.

The Jamieson engagement team was Ian Jamieson and Matt Hucker, and are delighted to advise management on their second private-equity deal. The deal is Jamieson’s second deal in Scandinavia this year and the fourth since the business was formed in 2005.